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New book on Chet's guitars offers
rare photos, stories from Chet.

April 2, 2001

The Russ Cochran Company has released the much anticipated book on Chet's private guitar collection. The book is called "Chet Atkins: Me and My Guitars".

I would be doing Chet Atkins fans a disservice if I were to simply describe it as a photo album of Chet's Guitars. In fact, Chet Atkins: Me and My Guitars is without a doubt, the most comprehensive and enlightening piece on Chet Atkins ever written. The book includes huge full color pictures of Chet and his guitars. Many photos have never before been published. The best part for me was the stories from Chet that even the most knowledgable Chet fan would never know about. Chet tells it all in his own words about his childhood, his playing influences and early struggles to find work along with insight into guitars he used and endorsed along the way. It's more than just a pictorial review of his guitars throughout the years, it's a fascinating look inside the mind of history's greatest guitar player, Chet Atkins.

Photographer Wolf Hoffman manages to expertly capture the images of some very famous guitars played by Chet, including his first Sears Roebuck Silvertone, custom made D'Angelico's, the Gretsches, and the prototype models of the current Gibson Country Gentleman guitars. The book is printed on high-quality thick glossy paper and is a full 9 x 12 inches. It's a real treasure of a book, one you may want to keep hidden rather than leaving it out on the coffee table!

According to Cochran, this deluxe edition, called the CGP edition, "is intended for Chet's friends and most ardent fans. It is limited to only 1200 numbered copies worldwide. This hardcover book is in a hand-made slipcase, gold-stamped, and printed on heavy glossy paper with full color photographs of the 60-odd guitars in Chet's collection. Professionally photographed in Chet's home and his office on Music Row. In the text, Chet tells about each of his important guitars--from his first Silvertone, his Gibson L-10 which his brother Jim gave him, his special-made D'Angelico, the Gretsches, Gibsons, classics...all of his guitars! Chet tells the story of his career as seen through his guitars."

The book comes with an imprint of Chet's signature, and an introduction by Jerry Reed.

This is one monster of a book for Chet Atkins fans.

- Tom Redmond

This special limited edition is $150. Domestic orders please add $10 for shipping in the US. Foreign customers, inquire about shipping costs. To order the book, write or email The Russ Cochran Co. at:

The Russ Cochran Co.
PO Box 469
West Plains, Mo 65775

Russ's Email


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