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Paul Yandell and Wanda's Guitar

Not too long ago, Paul Yandell and I had lunch in Nashville and Paul brought along something I considered a special treat,

Paul with Wanda Gunn's Guitar
a busted up old 3/4 sized guitar. He explained that the guitar belonged to Wanda Gunn, a guitar teacher who lived near Paul in Kentucky when he was growing up. "She used that guitar to teach me alot" says Paul. "She was a great teacher and a great lady, and lived to be 103 years old. My first Guitar was a Stella, but I really treasure having Wanda's guitar hanging on my wall."

Paul's current CD, "Forever Chet" is available online at Jerry Reed's website. To read more about Paul and his career as Chet's sideman for over 20 years, click here.

- Tom Redmond

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