Tommy & Phil Emmanuel: Europa (Santana)

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Tommy & Phil Emmanuel: Europa (Santana)

Postby Tony Enamel » Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:36 pm

Hi again,

hopefully I don't bother anybody with my repeated postings of videos from the Tommy Emmanuel Festival, but perhaps some like this stuff as much as I do.

So here's Tommy and his brother Phil Emmanuel playing an epic version of Carlos Santana's "Europa" as a guitar duet. It took place at the 2nd Tommy festival in Rietberg in August 2005.

Tommy does his favourite gig, playing rhythm for his older brother Phil, who takes the electric lead. When they shared the stage, it seemed like they were travelling back to their childhood, feeling like kids in a toy store: They laughed at each other, enjoyed every second, even swapped their guitars like they had done it in the early 60s already (watch it at 4:00). And Tommy acted as jack of all trades, also doing a drum solo on the drum kit as well as on his guitar and finally moving the whammy bar for Phil.

That was a fun night!

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