Introducing Phil Wiechert - paying tribute to Buster + more

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Introducing Phil Wiechert - paying tribute to Buster + more

Postby Tony Enamel » Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:09 am

Hi everybody,

I'd like to point you at a young (fingerstyle) guitarist from Germany, 20-year old Phil (Philipp) Wiechert. He's a very versatile musician, playing all sorts of styles, from Brahms to Jerry to klezmer to jazz and French chanson. What really left a mark in his musical heart, though, was meeting and learning from Buster B. Jones at the Tommy Emmanuel Guitar Festival in Rietberg/Germany. Whereas many young gunners on the web mainly try to be TE clones (no offense meant), we can see a promising musician with a rich background in Phil. There's not much material to be found on the internet (that's the point he can/has to improve on the most), but some videos might give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

So let's start with Phil covering Buster:
"Skippy" (aka "Peanut Butter and Jelly"):
"Sandy" (a Buster ballad rarely to be heard):
"Live @ Five":

It's Jerry time now:

Phil also writes some impressing original tunes, melodic and groovy:
"What about the sun" (a wonderful ballad):
"Groove Kitchen":
"Thank you, Buster" (a tribute to his idol):

Even a Yiddish song turned finger style:
"Bei mir bistu schein":

Phil also plays this piece with his Gypsy-Western-Swing-World-Music-Band Funky Breeze, with two guitars, singer, violin and trombone:
"Bei mir bistu schein", band version:
"Chickadee'n'Cockadoodledoo" (Nashville made, but Rietberg played):

And then there's Phil's lovely girlfriend Linda Gossmann, who plays the violin and forms a great duo with him:
"Georgia on my mind":

Finally, here's Linda with her sweet-sounding violin playing the tango classic "La Cumparsita" with rhythm guitar backing by Funky Breeze's Paul Schneider and improvisations from Lulo Reinhardt:

I hope you'll enjoy it - I did for sure!

Keep an eye and ear on these young musicians!

If it ain't got the groove, the bodies won't move.
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