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Postby GaryL » Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:53 pm

I've tried to upload another arrangement I did thinking of Chet and using some of the tools he showed us how to use perfectly, for example, single string lines, octaves, chord substitutions and two or three note harmony. It's just me and no accompanyment because I was too lazy to do it in BIAB, etc. I'd like to say doing these things is a hobby, but it's not it's a passion. Learning and applying what you can from Chet. Not to say the least embarrassing because it goes without saying - I'm no Chet.I don't use the blank-tube because my PC is old, my credentials are expired and so on. If my mp3 doesn't load, I'll try another location and try to load the link in another post.

Now to upload my humble arrangement...
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