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Postby LMark » Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:42 pm

Anybody out there play Chet on an Ampeg? The reason I ask is because I'm studying a bit on smaller tube amps with a Baxandall tone stack. That's what the Standel has, but it's not a small amp. Ampegs are not necessarily super-small either; but some are "smaller." Many have the Baxandall preamp. I have a little Orange Crush solid state amp that actually sounds decent (35LDX); but the "Orange" implementation of the Baxandall circuit is a bit odd, apparently. The bass gets "boinky" in some settings, for lack of a better term. Plus it does not compete with real tube compression. I played a Super Champ X2 recently. That whet my appetite for a small tube amp. But I never have been completely satisfied with the Fender tone stack for Chet style. Something about the mids is not quite right to my ear, on the downstroke especially. Baxandall offers a lot more flexibility. I kind of wonder if the Fender Fuse software allows for implementation of a Baxandall stack, though. Am I making sense? LMark
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