Gretsch 5622T

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Gretsch 5622T

Postby LMark » Sat Sep 24, 2016 12:38 am

Okay, I'll throw this out there. I played one of these (a 1970s green one) at the big GC this evening: ... ard-black/

I've passed by all kinds of triple-pickup thingy's many times, thinking that my pick would wang on the middle PUP. Plus, they look a little "busy" to me. But I picked it up on a whim. Lo and behold, in my natural hand position, the pick swings free and clear. And the TONE! Whatever Gretsch did to these "improved" HiLoTrons was good. The sound is SOOO much like the Chet of the late 50s and early 60s, especially with the middle pup engaged. I'm thinking Chet Atkins at Home and Mister Guitar and Hollywood tones. The mid PUP may have a little phase shift going on. It's a delicious sound. It's a playable instrument, too. The nut is not 1-3/4", but it's a very generous 1-11/16". The radius is pretty flat at 12.5 and the profile is slimmish, but not paper thin. It's heavy because it has a center block, but for the tones it gets and sustain it delivers, it's probably a reasonable trade-off. It does not come with a case for the retail price listed. Hey Fred! A guitar that nice ought to come with a case!! I liked it a lot better than the 5120s and 5122s I have played--and they aren't that bad. I had some difficulty walking away from it.


P.S. I see that Gretsch also makes a 5620 with single cut and two PUPS: ... ard-black/
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