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Postby Steve Sanders » Thu Dec 18, 2014 12:50 pm

Awhile back fellow ChetBoarder and great Okie guitar picker Chuck Schwickerath put out a heads-up on a super deal from Musician's Friend for Gretsch Chet Atkins guitar strings. I loaded up like a lot of other folks did. These are the "orang-ish" colored package in gauges .011 / .013 / 0.17p - .018w / 0.28 / .038 / .048. Now I have been using D'Addario strings for years because Chet and Paul recommended them and other posters did too. But I gotta tell ya.....these Gretsch strings really made my guitars come alive and sound way more "Gretsch-ish"!!! I have a 6122-1959 too and boy to me it sure sounds a lot better and stays in tune better too! I also have a 5125 that I was about ready to sell because of intonation problems. Well guess what, I'll be keepin' that guitar now. The Gretsch strings really made a difference. Tunes up and stays in tune now. And sounds great with those D'Armond single coil pickups. And the CG 6122-1959, well I really believe it never sounded better, and I didn't think it COULD sound better!!!!! So, get a package and try'em out. Yeah, I know, they might even be made by D'Addario (or not???) but they are "different" somehow. I think you will be surprised. Please be sure and come back here on the ChetBoard and let us all know what'cha think. Merry Christmas!! Steve
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