Just a box with Strings.

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Just a box with Strings.

Postby jdrpicker22 » Mon Dec 15, 2014 4:37 pm

So I heard Tommy Emmanuel state once that he doesnt grow very attached to his guitars because they are just a box with strings, and we have all seen how beat up his guitars are. I have a moderatly expensive guitar that I have beat up and put in a pickup system in, my guitar has masking tape and scuffs and its down to the bare wood in places. It has a crack in the back of the guitar, but in spite of all this I love it its my tool and I use it like a tool to entertain and glorify God ya know. I have written all over it with sharpie ect. I used to baby every one of my instruments but now I have had somewhat of a mind change and I am no longer afraid to experiment to get new sounds or what ever I want, so am I crazy or what? P.S. I havent enjoyed playing guitar as much as I have since. :D
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