EHX Holy Grail Max

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EHX Holy Grail Max

Postby OOwl » Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:50 pm

Has anyone tried this? Seems like the Plate (especially) and Hall would be good for a lot of Chet style tunes.

I use my Fishman Loudbox often for practice and have found I'm liking the "Reverb 2" which is a little brighter like a plate. And I understand Chet used plate often in the studio. On my tube amp I prefer no-reverb over the spring for Chet style. I have been experimenting w/ delay settings w/ fast repeats and relatively quick decay, which works pretty well but I'm not totally satisfied and it would be nice to have other choices.

Seems like the HGMax could be an easy, inexpensive alternative to a more expensive rack unit.
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