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Postby MHargis » Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:47 pm

Hello MB,
It was a trade deal with CME. I gave them what they asked for the SC and they gave me what I asked for my guitar so it was a equal trade. I paid my fees to Reverb and they did the same along with we each paid shipping. Although the Super Chet did not arrive as it was listed and some shipping damage was found on my end. I made a claim and Reverb worked it out with both parties. I'm happy with the deal! I mod'ed her to my liking and now I have one of the best guitars I have ever touched. She has been played, a lot, and I wanted a proven SC with mojo that I would not be afraid to handle. I have some Minty guitars that I just can't bring myself to play. If you are looking for a wide neck guitar, these are hard to beat! And I go to a few Jams and she is always the Bell of the Ball. Everyone wants to play her.
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