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Jerry Ozee

Postby Doug Working » Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:56 pm

The little serendipity that comes with getting my hands on every Chet transcription book I can find is the fact that it opens doors to other Chet fans names that I previously didn't know about. If I see their name on the cover as the transcriber of the arrangements, then that's a big clue that they must be a fan! (obviously!)

I saw on the cover of "the "Back Home Hymns" transcription book that the tunes were lovingly transcribed by Jerry Ozee. So I looked him up. Wow! He put so much love and attention into every note.

I went to Y'tube to see if I could hear his playing there. I only found one or two videos. One was "Give The World A Smile," the old gospel standard that Chet arranged so well. Jerry did a beautiful job on it. I wish there were more recordings of him on Y'tube.
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