Phone vs MP 3,4, or greater

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Phone vs MP 3,4, or greater

Postby bill_h » Sat Oct 22, 2016 8:29 pm

Friends, it's Ol' Bubba McBubba here again trying to go straight from the 1980's to the 2010's when it comes to these telecommunications gadgets and gizmos .......... or did I even make it to the 80,s when it comes to such matters??????

I'm hoping some of my fellow Chet fans who may be more tech savvy may be able to advise me on a matter. Many of you know my situation, I'm having to drive a truck these days so I can afford to play the guitar.At some point I got smart and decided to work this setback to my advantage. I have a rather large collection of cds, no small percentage of them being our hero Chet, that I have downloaded to my phone . That way I can run an auxiliary cable from my phone to the radio. hit the scramble feature, and listen to Chet, Merle, Jerry and others while driving. I don't have to touch anything since the phone is continuously scrambling and selecting one track right after another, therefore what I'm doing is safe and legal. I can continuously listen to Chet and others without putting myself or anyone else on the road in any kind of danger.

Recently I tried to download some recent purchases ( purchased legally ) and the "sync" process wouldn't initiate. I believe the problem is the phone ran out of space to store any new "files." ( Please bear with me if I'm not using the correct terms. I've never been exposed to this telecommunications jargon.)

Assuming I'm right and the phone is not able to hold any more music I'm wondering what a good solution would be. Could I take the phone to Verizon and have some new hardware put in it which will enable it to store more of those files or would an MP 3 and/or 4 player be a better option. ( Or do they have MP 5,6,7's or greater these days :lol: ) Would any of these be a better option. Or does anyone know of an even better solution? Maybe there's new gadgets that would serve my purpose that I'm not aware of.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Whatever gadgetI end up usingt has to be a hands free device so I can keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road ahead and what's happening around me. If I can keep all 18 wheels on the ground between now and July there's a good chance I can make CAAS 2017 :lol: :lol: ! Also I need to be able to run that auxiliary cable from whatever gadget I use to the speakers since. Headsets may be legal but I don't feel safe wearing one while driving
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