Setting up home studio help

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Setting up home studio help

Postby Peter » Fri Jul 22, 2016 12:08 pm

Hi there. Have been out of the loop for many years in regards to recording, but would like to get back in. My days of reel to reel have long gone. I have started to do concerts and have had many people that want to either, 1) download songs (itunes etc) or 2) buy cds. What do I need to get a good professional sound from recording at home? Let me say this, it will be guitar only and no vocals. In other words; instrumentals.

I am thinking a good audio interface to start? Would like to hear from people that have done this themselves. I do have a good selection of high end guitars, just need to know what equipment to buy. also do I go direct or mic my guitar etc, thanks, Peter
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Re: Setting up home studio help

Postby DagerRande » Sun Jul 24, 2016 1:08 pm

Peter, I just came back from the CAAS convention and I always stay with a friend of mine who is a recording engineer as well as now being heavily into video. I share your goals. Here is what he suggested to me:

1. Any good interface. I just purchased a PreSonus because it was recommended to me and was on sale. My friend says it will do just fine. You may find other alternatives through research.

2. A MacBook Pro, which I will be purchasing in the Fall. He recommended the one with 16 Gb of RAM, 500 GB hard drive, and Core i7 with 2.5 Mghz processing speed. He values portability.

3) Logic ProX, which is Apple only and he is an expert with ProTools, to the point of having done seminars for ProTools engineers. Yet he changed to Logic because he felt that it was more efficient in how it stored "presets" that had to be reset from scratch in ProTools. There are other differences that he also prefers, which I haven't gotten into. Logic ProX is only about $200 when previous versions were much more expensive, and it is certainly less expensive than ProTools!

4) Final Cut ProX, for the video and which interfaces nicely with Logic ProX. He uses these two exclusively in his work.

5) Sony RX10 for the video. This is a still shot camera but he says that the video quality is excellent! He says that this has the reputation of being the best camera already having the best built in lens, not requiring a person to go out and
buy a special lens.

6) IF you are recording acoustically, he said that the "Blue Yeti" was a great USB microphone. It isn't one of the high end studio mics but he said it records great quality for what you and I want to do. In my case, I intend to record directly.

Other than for all of that, comes the learning curve involved in creating the best possible end product using all of this! You may already have much more generic knowledge than I have.

I'm sure that others here may have different ideas on each of these components but I just spent a week with an award winning professional!

I hope this helps!
Rande Dager

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