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Artist and Illustrator Dennis Auth

Dennis Auth has been producing illustration for the graphic arts industry for 25 years with clients ranging from local and regional ad agencies to high-visibility consumer and trade publications.

Although his style is contemporary, it's been influenced by traditional illustrators such as Norman Rockwell and J.C. Leyendecker, a look that most consistantly could be called stylized realism. It's the look that's rooted in reality but leaves room for conceptual interpretation.

Dennis believes the best illustration happens when the art director isn't looking for a trendy style but something that's well drawn and maintains character that cannot be achieved by shooting a photograph.

By using a combination of wet and dry media, one for saturation and background, the other for highlight and detail, along with commercial dyes on watercolor board, the resulting illustration is a dramatic range of tones and colors. In contrast, Prismacolor pencil provides opaque clarity that works well for reproduction.

The overall philosophy of Dennis' work is that style has to be a combination of many elements such as personal perspective, drawing skill, passion, and drive, and the need to balance all these to remain competitive in the marketplace.

"For Leona" - A Portrait of Chet Atkins: Montage Portraiture

Montage portraiture is a logical extension of illustration. It responds to a need in the retail market previously unfulfilled by commercial portrait photography.

Aside from its striking visual presentation, it is highly distinctive and personal in that it is done from your individual imagination. Photography displays but one brief moment in time. A montage portrait can span days to weeks to decades, its only limitation being the workability of the available photos.

With roots in commercial illustration, these pieces have a look that falls somewhere between a pastel portrait and a movie poster. They can assume the look and character of an old sepia print or a stately image over the fireplace, reflecting a balance of the traditional and the contemporary while exhibiting a unique and timeless style.

To contact Dennis for information on his services:

Auth Illustration
231 Pefley Drive
Norfolk, VA 23502
Fax: 757-461-7477

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