Les Jaguars, A taste of ''Quebec''

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Les Jaguars, A taste of ''Quebec''

Postby chet1952 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 1:32 pm


Arthur Cossette from ''Les Jaguars'' was a good local guitar player of my childhood.

''Les Jaguars'' was in the early 60's in Quebec our local version of some great instrumentalist group such as The Ventures, The Spotnicks and The shadows.

They were originally from the Lac St-Jean area in the province of Québec (about 2h drive from Montreal). In the early 60’s the band members began to built a reputation of a good rock instrumentalist, this was around 1962. Upon the arrival of the wave pop music of 1963, they were among the first instrumental group to be offered a recording contract in Quebec. Their first two instrumentals had a unexpected respond from the public "Mer Morte "(Dead Sea) and "Supersonic Twist" it became instantly a classics of the genre in Québec and even in some parts of Europe.

Arthur Cossette was the leader and the main guitarist of The Jaguars, He was, and still is a fine guitar player, his original piece of ‘’Mer Morte’’ is an instrumental that I personally would have loved to hear Chet play with his magic hands.


Also If you like risky listening ‘’Supersonic Twist’’ is in
the same spirits of The Shadows and The Spotnicks, lots of echoes and twanging guitar! ;)

Have a happy listening! ;)

Take care
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