Gretsch G6120-CGP using the split pickup

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Gretsch G6120-CGP using the split pickup

Postby guitarchuck » Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:59 am

Here's a couple of videos that I recorded yesterday on my Gretsch G6120-CGP using the split pickup. This is something that I haven't done very much, but it gives you more control over your tone and effects. I'm using a 2 channel Deluxe Reverb amp. This way you can run the bass strings through a channel and the treble strings through the other channel. You can control your tone and volume of the bass and treble strings separately. You can also run different effects separately on the bass and treble strings. I believe this is what Chet used the so called "stereo" pickup for, more for this reason instead of looking for a stereo sound.

The first video I have echo on the bass strings and reverb on the treble strings. The second video I have reverb on the bass strings and echo on the treble strings. It's kind of hard to tell on the finished product, but it just gives you a little more control when recording or playing.

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