Chet Atkins Style Tribute song.

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Chet Atkins Style Tribute song.

Postby JRBradfield » Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:49 pm

I sent this link to Tom Redmond and he suggested I post this tribute song about Mister Guitar entitled "Chet Atkins Style" so just click the link to see and hear it.

I first saw Mr. Atkins on the Jimmy Dean Show back in the early 60's and wrote this recollection about 2 years ago. I wonder how many other players can relate to it? What an inspiration he was to so many with his contribution to music.

Here are the Lyrics to "CHET ATKINS STYLE"

> I still remember that first time I heard Chet's Atkins playin on his 6 string'
> it was amazing and I said to my Dad sounds like four hands were
>playin that thing
>his fingers pickin out the melody his thumb was thumpin out the bass line
>laid down a rhythm that would make me tap my feet sent chills runnin
>up and down my spine
>I was just awestruck at his music box style like when gramps cranked
>up his old Regina (that was his music box)
>I had to learn just how he put it down so fast and clear and oh so clean-a
>he played that Alabama Jubilee and then he nailed Slow Boat To China
>I was amazed could'nt believe my ears I never heard nothin finer
> I walked to town and hit the record stores Just had to find that man on vinyl
>I took it home and dang near wore that needle out rehearsed till it
>t'was perfected final...lee
>yes my fingers pickin out the melody my thumb was thumpin out the bass lines
>Layed down those rythmes that would make em' tap their feet send
>chills runnin up and down their spines
>I couldn't stop until that style was mine Chet Atkins, well he sure
>was an inspiration of mine
>Thanx, JR Bradfield
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