Bragging on my nephew

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Bragging on my nephew

Postby BillB » Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:50 am

I taught my nephew to play guitar many years ago. He has since become a singer, songwriter, and leader of his own band. They just released a new album that is on iTunes, and I downloaded it this evening. He wrote all but one song, and he does the singing and lead guitar work. I want to call the style of music, "Texas Rock," but I'm not exactly sure of the genre. He said that he doesn't really know either. Anyway, I wasn't sure just what to expect, but I was really amazed at what I heard. Even though he's a very good fingerpicker and loves Chet's music, that's not what he's doing here. But I know there are a few folks here that might appreciate some of the music. Here's the iTune link if anyone wants to listen to a preview of the tunes.

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