Steve Wariner C.G.P. Concert

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Steve Wariner C.G.P. Concert

Postby Terry Tolley » Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:51 am

My wife and I went to see Steve Wariner this past Saturday (2 April, 2011) evening in what was termed an "Intimate Evening with Steve Wariner". He had two segments. The first segment explored Steve the songwriter which he performed with Randy Hart on piano / keyboard. He had a couple of other fellows whose names I'm sorry I cannot remember on Bass and Drums. On the second set, he had a late model Gretsch Country Gentleman on which he played Leavin' Luttrell and 6120, both without accompaniment. He did the Producer's Medley with his band backing him. He also had the Kirk Sand guitar with him and on that he played Sails. He had a meet-and-greet session which I tried for but did not get selected, but the concert was great. He had a few personal stories about different parts of his career, things he had been involved in and tunes he wrote for others.

The show was far too short on the second part....I wanted MORE guitar solos.....but my wife liked the first part very much, so we both enjoyed it. The tickets warned against making videos or taking snapshots....especially flash shots, so I honored that and did not take a camera. In retrospect, I wish I had, because many people did not heed that request and did not get in trouble for doing it. Had I known, I might have opted to take a few non-flash pictures. Oh well.

In all, my wife and I had a very good time, and I can vouch for the fact that Steve Wariner is the "real deal" and truly is a CGP.
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