This guy is pretty good!

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This guy is pretty good!

Postby Doug Working » Sun Feb 24, 2019 7:22 pm

I was quite impressed by this guy. What I mean is, you go on Y'tube, and find that a lot of guys try to do Chet's arrangements, and they just half a_ do it. They are sloppy, their playing is not clean, and a lot of other things to not reccomend them. (Not all of 'em, mind you. But not everyone does Chet proud. )

That's why it's nice to find a good one.

I listened to this fellow do "The Claw," "Vincent," and "Londnderry Aire", and I was really impressed how accurate he was to the original arrangement. He's got some good chops. But he doesn't seem to have very many postings. Only a handful.

Nevertheless, he does very good in staying accurate to the original recordings by Chet.
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