Looking For Bresh Video Performed At CAAS

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Looking For Bresh Video Performed At CAAS

Postby Speedy » Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:07 pm

Many Years ago at CAAS, Mr Bresh Played and sang The Gambler impressioning the likes of Carter and Nixon at the table playing poker. My father who has only missed two years at CAAS (The 1st one and the one last week) would really get a kick out of seeing this. Since he first saw this performed at CAAS requested it many many times year after year. I'm not sure which year this was performed originally but it left a major "Impression" on my Dad. While You don't see Mr Bresh doing many impressions these days, unless he's talking about Chet, he never fails to leave one on you. Wow! what a performer... Anyway, if someone by chance happens to have captured this, I would be so very appreciative and would keep it to myself if preferred to get a copy. Any help finding this lost performance would so very much appreciated. Thanks, David
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