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Postby Pickin Palmer » Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:57 pm


My 13 year old grandson and I just recently spent 7 ½ hours in a car together and somehow we got listening to Pandora sucking up “data” on my new iFone that my kids talked me into buying. He selected a couple of his “categories” and I, of course, selected Chet and Tommy. We shared time (well, I had the wheel – he had Pandora's control buttons) – and, after a few lyric-less guitar tunes he asked how they came up with the names of the tunes – IF there were no words.

Good question. I admitted this subject was one of my favorite pet peeves in that most solo performer/song writers, in an effort to “give their fingers a break” talk waaaay too long about how they came up with the name of their wordless tunes. “I woke up one morning on the beaches along the Ivory Coast of Berwhacliea and felt the sun warming my broken heart of just being stung by, yet, another gold digging woman” - which feeling never came forth from the tune - when they finally get around to playing it. So, I completed my explanation to my grandson that those names are better than “Number 1”, Number “2”, etc.

Several songs later, and on the Tommy thread, we started hearing Tommy play a really nice melodic tune. “What's the name of this one, Grampa?” (He knew the name as it was displayed on my fone.) “Questions,” I replied with a reasonable amount of confidence.

“Why?” he queried back. But, I was too intent on the road and enjoying that wonderful tune to see the sly grin that had appreared on his face.
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Re: Questions?

Postby Jim Miller » Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:47 pm

There are time's , when I would play a tune that like you ,would just pop up for no reason other then to sound pretty or jazzy , romantic , and out of nowhere my wife would ask me what I was playing ,that sound's so pretty can you sing it for me? WHAT ? For 30 year's I think that would be the 4th or 5th time that she was listen to me play . I have no idea what the name of that tune was because I never heard it before , so that would tune # ,
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