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Re: 6122-1959

Postby Chuck » Fri May 16, 2014 6:54 pm

Hi everyone it is (Cincinnati) Chuck.

I'll keep the story short. I ended up not keeping the guitar seen above, as I was fortunate enough to find a fair price from a good seller on a 6122-1959 HOF.

Which I can not put down, playing it constantly. THIS is what I was looking for. So thanks again for everyone's sage advice and counsel.

Anyway, I have ordered but not installed my Tru_Arc bridge, and have yet to experiment with strings or even amp settings too much. Just enjoying playing it.

To that end I recorded a version of Rose Ann, in which I took several liberties, not as the composer intended. But it was more just to show off the guitar, which is for me by far and away the best guitar I have ever owned, and like most of us I've owned a few. Thanks everybody! Chuck
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