Super Chet wiring diagram/schematic

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Super Chet wiring diagram/schematic

Postby BirdofParadise » Fri Nov 29, 2013 9:28 am

Does anyone have a schematic for the Super Chet. I have a '76 that I suspect that the pots of going out or dirty since they don't so much anymore. I am considering replacing the pick guard and a rewire job with Schatten thumb wheels. Also thinking of replacing the neck PU with a SuperTron.

Thanks for any help or advice,

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Re: Super Chet wiring diagram/schematic

Postby RPVogh3 » Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:08 am

The schematic in the upper left corner is the Super Chet. (The other schematics there are for the Super Axe, I think.)


The pick guard stuff (at the far left in the schematic) seems to all go through one connector pair. The schematic makes it appear that one contact in the connector is not used (the bottom contact). Likely it is used, for the grounds, and that just didn't get drawn in. I don't see any other way for the grounds to connect between pick guard and the rest of the guitar.

Probably nearly all the wires shown in the schematic are actually shielded cables, with all the shields grounded. Ideally with no closed loops in the grounding. A shield may take a ground to something, such as a pickup or control or jack, but don't jumper that to the next one if the next one is already grounded through another shield. Or, one shield may bring a ground, such as to the controls, and then jumper the ground to the rest, but don't connect the rest of the shields there too, if they are grounded at their other end. Don't make a closed loop in the grounds for a magnetic field (like from the power transformer in your amp) to cause a current in.

For the pick guard with controls and a connector, the easy way is to jumper the grounds, connect each control cable shield ground to the jumpered controls for ground, and leave the connector end of the shields un-connected. Run a separate ground wire from the controls to the last connector position to tie in all the grounds.

When replacing and rebuilding controls, DON'T bend a control terminal to be grounded over to the case of the control as is common practice. That is mechanically abusive to the control and can lead to it becoming intermittent. That could loosen a terminal rivet or whatever form of staked terminal mounting it has. (Wonder if that is partly why so many of the Super Chets now have failing controls?) Use a short jumper wire to make a ground connection between a control terminal and the metal control case, instead of bending the control terminal.

There might be a ground wire going to the tail piece that is not shown on that schematic.

The controls on the pick guard are shown from their back side - the side away from the knob.
The top control is Master Volume.
The next two controls are individual pickup volumes, probably Fingerboard then Bridge, going down the schematic.
The bottom two are individual pickup tone controls, in the same order at the pickup volumes - probably Fingerboard then Bridge going down the schematic.

Never had a Super Chet, so I'm guessing about the order of the controls layout on the pick guard.
Perhaps the Master Volume is the control by itself near the fingerboard.
The next control might be Fingerboard pickup volume.
Then Bridge pickup volume.
Then Fingerboard pickup tone (by the word Gretsch).
Finally, Bridge pickup tone (by the words Super Chet).

If that order is correct, then the pickup shown at the top of the schematic is the Fingerboard pickup, and the Bridge pickup is below it on the schematic.

The pickup selector switch opens contacts one side or on the other side, or opens neither set of contacts when in its center position. If the above layout orders of controls and pickups are correct, then pushing the switch handle to the right (pivoting on its circle) in the schematic will release and open the right side contacts and disconnect the Bridge pickup, thus selecting Fingerboard pickup only. That is probably supposed to be the upward position of the switch when the guitar is in playing position (switch handle moved toward the edge of the guitar).

If the switch moves up and down (with the guitar in playing position), then it seems to me it would make more sense to re-mount the whole switch turned 90° clockwise (If that is possible - no obstacles inside the guitar) so its Fingerboard pickup only selection off-center position moves toward the headstock, and the other off-center switch handle position which selects the Bridge pickup only moves toward the bridge. Then all the controls, pickups and switch handle positions would be in the same order.

The volume controls are wired to increase volume turning clockwise.

The tone controls are wired to increase treble turning clockwise. Actually, what they do is reduce treble when turned counterclockwise. Fully clockwise, the tone controls have minimal effect, as if the there was no tone control, just pickups and volume controls.

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Re: Super Chet wiring diagram/schematic

Postby BirdofParadise » Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:07 am

many thanks!!! :D
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Re: Super Chet wiring diagram/schematic

Postby HTJ » Wed May 25, 2016 10:37 am

Hi I am wondering if anyone knows the value of the potentiometers on the Super Chet? Thank you!!
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