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Postby RandeDager » Sun Mar 27, 2011 1:16 pm

Hi Jack,

I realize that tabbing in general doesn't require formal training but to make it look right to the formally trained eye, has proven to be a challenge that DOES. I remember submitting Tabledit files and having them rejected because the standard notation was incorrect. I was told about "stems up" vs. "stems down", and 6/8 time rather than 3/4, etc. My ear is pretty good and there isn't much that I haven't figured out by ear. I started developing my skills in the 50's and 60's, which I'm assuming is roughly the same era as you did. By the 70's I was ready for songs like "Cascade", "All Thumbs", "Stars & Stripes", etc. Figuring out exactly which notes to play has always been my strength, despite having it be quite difficult to play them. That's a matter of time and practice. I'm still not convinced that I'll ever smooth things out to my liking, but figuring out Chet's music isn't my main obstacle. This is why being able to tab out what I figure out WOULD BE my specialty if it weren't for the lack of formal training necessary to make it all look right.

It's pretty frustrating to have figured out so many songs that I don't see in tab and know pretty much exactly how to play them but not to be able to tab them in an "acceptable" manner so as to be able to share them with others who I'm pretty sure would appreciate them.
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