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Re: Old mystery solved

PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:20 pm
by Paul Yandell
When I stared with Chet in 75' Henry Strezleki was playing bass then we used Bob Moore some then Steve Wariner came along then Curtiss Young then Johnny Johnson worked with Chet until he quit performing, thanks paul

Re: Old mystery solved

PostPosted: Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:10 pm
by Paul Yandell
I didn't mean to imply that Steve wasn't being truthful I just don't have any memory of him which at my age isn't a big deal, thanks paul

Re: Old mystery solved

PostPosted: Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:30 pm
by stevemauldin
I am sorry Paul does not remember me, but that does not change the facts. I weighed 138 lbs back then and now I weigh 205. I would imagine Paul looks a little different now from what he looked like then. It is very simple, all Paul has to do is call Dave Lawbaugh and ask him, or call Tony. I use Dave frequently on sessions and we laugh about things that happened during our time with Chet. I was only with the show for a year, and we were only doing two or three weekends per month, but I was there.

In 1981, I played a session with Dave Lawbaugh and Curtis Young. Curtis was filling in for Steve Wariner and he and Dave approached me after the session and asked if I would be interested in trying out for Chet. Dave took me to a music venue one night and I met Paul. Later Paul called and asked me to meet with Chet, which I did in the old RCA building. Paul later called and asked me to pickup the bass book and some recordings of the show. The book was in terrible shape. There were number charts written on envelops, half pages of stationary and even one on a napkin. I took the music and recordings I was given and recopied the entire book in manuscript pen and made it look nice. (I was a studio guy, it did not occur to me I was supposed to memorize the music). I used the music for several weeks, (which didn't exactly make the other guys happy). The first time Chet actually heard me play was at sound check in the Ohio Theater in Columbus Ohio. It was a really old theater that had been renovated, and the manager found out it was my first night and gave me a post card of the theater to christen my first night with Chet. I still have that post card.

When they decided to replace me with a singing bass player, Chet's secretary called and said that Chet would like to buy that bass book that I had hand copied and asked would I consider selling it. I gave her a price and she called back and told me to bring it to Chet's office (not in the RCA building but a house on Music Row) and when I looked at the check, Chet had paid me twice the price I had asked. (He always treated me great, and was a very nice man)

After me, they went through several bass players, one per trip for a while according to Dave. Then they stopped taking a bass player for a short time, and Dave said Chet threw in an Elvis routine of some sort. That was right before Johnny Johnson went back with Chet. Chet loved Steve Wairner, and really missed him once he was gone. He also missed the 15 minutes Steve was performing during the show and the younger crowd that was coming to Chet's shows to see Steve. I had better sense to ever even attempt to sing in front of Chet, I could not fill those shoes of Steve's. I have seen Steve from time to time, and he knows I was his replacement and has complimented my string charts.

I can certainly understand Paul forgetting me. I was not a major figure in the life of Chet Atkins and I came along at an unsettled time for Chet. But I was on stage with him for a year. I was on the stage the first night he played the solid body Gibson classical guitar. I now have a picture of his hands playing that guitar hanging in my studio.

I also have fond memories of Paul. Paul is the unsung hero behind Chet, and a guitar genius in his own right.

Re: Old mystery solved

PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 9:28 am
by Paul Yandell
Hi Steve this is sort of funny it's bothered me since all this came up I've tried and tried to place you I guess I hit the erase button along the way, anyway it's great to hear from you again and I'm glad you are doing great in the business maby we will connect again some time, paul

Re: Old mystery revealed

PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:44 am
by Roger Hardin
Steve Wrote:
I had better sense to ever even attempt to sing in front of Chet, I could not fill those shoes of Steve's.


I cannot imagine any circumstance where Chet would not want to hear those pipes.....:lol:


Re: Old mystery revealed

PostPosted: Wed Sep 08, 2010 12:57 am
by Dave Lawbaugh
Hi Guys,

I spoke with Steve Mauldin tonight and he told me about this site and this thread...and that Paul Yandell had forgotten him. I told Steve not to worry because Paul had probably forgotten me too. :lol: I played drums for Chet back in the 80's. I did a bunch of concerts with him, 3 records as I recall, and several tv shows as well. I also did a tour with Chet and Garrison Keillor while Garrison's theater in St Paul was being renovated. I have nothing but fond memories of those times. Since Chet had started as a side man, he'd been there and done that, and always treated us as equals. He'd even let me show up right at concert time when I had sessions during the day. I think he told me once that as long as I was behind him when he counted off the first song, we were good. :D He was a generous and very humorous guy, and it was a pleasure to know him in any capacity. Like so many others, I learned things from Chet that have served me well throughout my musical career.
Everything that Steve said is correct to the best of my recollections. Hey Paul, if you read this, give me a call sometime. I'm in the union book and would love to hear from you.

Dave Lawbaugh