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Re: Solitaire

Postby Billy Anderson » Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:55 pm

Don't bow down and worship just yet. Remember that "use the pinky finger" is a relative term and my relatives are not what one would call high class! In old Army terms, the ratio of notes to fingers might be plotted as follows:

Not a chance of the proverbial snowball = M16
p,i and m = M14 (only on a very good day)
a = M1(with lots of misfires)
Pinkey = Single-shot 22 (like Barney-Andy allowing me to carry one bullet in my pocket)

I really should bow and worship you and all the other posters who know how to play most of Chet, Jerry and Paul's music note by note. Mine is mostly not by not, which is why you will never see me on YouTube. When you see that 3-year old Korean girl play, somehow you know it just wasn't meant to be so just enjoy your reign as the King of Mediocrity ( a la Salieri) and enjoy what you play even if the wife, kids, dog and cat all groan or howl every time you open up your case. KOPAP. Billy
Billy Anderson
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Re: Solitaire

Postby keener » Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:08 am

"Enjoy what you play" is so important. I do think it's good to challenge ourselves, too. I enjoyed playing Solitaire but it was challenge for me to do it relatively cleanly ... maybe getting into the habit of regular practice will make it less challenging, but it was a strain for me to do the tune cleanly and without a lot of string noise.

Anyway, thanks for the conversation, Billy, as always.
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