Anything Goes /Nagasaki performed by Tom Conner

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Re: Anything Goes /Nagasaki performed by Tom Conner

Postby TCONNER » Sat Jun 11, 2016 2:36 pm

Thanks. I'm not sure if I ever heard Sean Weaver at CAAS or not. He certainly does a great job of channeling Chet note for note. I'm not sure but his guitar looks like the brand Jim Nichols plays-a truly great sound(Hollenbeck?). I noticed Sean plays Nagasaki in G while I did it in A to go with Anything Goes without a key change in the middle. I often play things in other keys than what Chet did if it is possible to do so. In some quarters I have been challenged for that and for somewhat altering the recorded arrangements. What is interesting about that is knowing Chet used slightly different arrangements of the same tune all the time.
I played a couple times with Larry Odham at CAAS and discovered he played slightly different versions of some of the really old Chet tunes. He told me he got them from 1950s tapes of Grand Old Opry shows.
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