Blowin' in the Wind cover (Chet Atkins)-VIDEO

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Re: Blowin' in the Wind cover (Chet Atkins)-VIDEO

Postby Doug Working » Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:09 am

That was fabulous playing, and Chet would be proud!

It's very, very close to the original recording!

You know what? I could kick myself! For years I tried to figure that one out, and it never occurred to me that Chet was capoing at the first fret! D'oh!!

Now I'm going to go back and start from square one. 

I wish to God I could have tab on this I-phone of mine. I no longer have a home pc. All I have is my phone. I would LOVE to see the tab on this one. 

Couple more that I would like are "Both Sides Now", and "From Nashville With Love".

Well, actually there are a BUNCH that I would love the tab to, but those two come to mind first.

Bunches of Chet's tunes I figured out by ear. I learned "Londonderry  Aire" that way, and I have "Lovely Weather" down pat, except for that corn-fangled  harmonic part! I don't forsee myself learning harmonics and especially cascade harmonics in this lifetime. Just too much precision required, and the slightest little mis-movement by the fingers ruins it.

Maybe I just don't have Chet's patience, I guess.

Anyway, I appreciated Jack's website back when I had a pc, but nowadays with only this I-phone, I'm sort of left out in the cold.

Anyway, I must say, that was real good playing! Congratulations on mastering a classic old Chet lick!

Doug Working
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Re: Blowin' in the Wind cover (Chet Atkins)-VIDEO

Postby Spadaro Paolo » Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:07 pm

THANK YOU ART and DOUG are happy that you like my video ..............


I think the pieces that chet atkins plays with his dobro DEL VECCHIO should be replicated with the capoing at the first fret or you'll need to tune up a half step, if you want to play along with Chet's recording.

Spadaro Paolo
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