Proper Authentication of Guitar ownership

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Proper Authentication of Guitar ownership

Postby dgallent » Thu Oct 28, 2010 6:59 pm

I got a call one day from Pat Bergeson who was about to go on tour with Shelby Lynn asking me if I would keep his guitars while he was on the road. One of the guitars he had was the sunburst dreadnaught given to him by Chet (the one Chet used on the Cracker Barrel commercials and videos). Before he left, Pat told me to play any of them I wanted as he would be out for three weeks. The door was barely closed when he left and I got into the case of the Gibson.

At the top part of the case was a photograph. On the other side of the photo was a note written by Chet
saying that he owned this guitar serial number so and so and that he had given it to Pat Bergeson and Chet's signature. The photo was of Chet sitting on the toilet (fully clothed of course) grinning from ear to ear with his legs crossed picking that guitar.

What a charachter....this was in 1994 I believe...

Missing Chet everyday...

Don Gallent
Brentwood TN
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