Chasing Rhythms "Original" - new video (better quality)

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Chasing Rhythms "Original" - new video (better quality)

Postby chrisbrandsborg » Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:55 pm

Hello everyone! I would be very glad if you listened to my newest composition!
It's called "Chasing Rhythms", and the technique in the song is called "lap-tapping", which is inspired by Erik Mongrain. I recorded the song with Zoom H4n (a recorder-machine)

Don't forget to Subscribe to my channel if you like my music!
The more subscribers I get, the more songs I will compose!

Thank you very much!

- Chris

Link to "Chasing Rhythms":

PS. I'm going to record my debut album in February 2012, I hope some of you would like to buy it maybe! If you "like" my facebook page, then you'll know when it's released!

Link to facebook fan-page:
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