Whisper "Original" - My 2nd composition -> Need Feedback!

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Whisper "Original" - My 2nd composition -> Need Feedback!

Postby chrisbrandsborg » Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:07 am

Hello! :)
Check out my song "Whisper", it's an easy song in DADGAD tuning.
It's my 2nd song, if you check out my latest songs, I suppose they're better, but the thing about this song is that I wanted to create a song based on "feelings", not just hard "techniques" and all that, but I wanted it to be "easy" and "relaxed".
Give me some feedback, tell me what you think and what I can do different next time!

Don't forget to Subscribe to my channel if you like my music!
The more subscribers I get, the more songs I will compose!

Thank you very much!

- Chris

Link to Whisper "Original":

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