New "Original" Acoustic Fingerstyle song! Need Feedback! :)

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New "Original" Acoustic Fingerstyle song! Need Feedback! :)

Postby chrisbrandsborg » Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:44 am

Hello there everyone! I want you guys to check out my newest composition called "Hope". It's a fingerstyle song, in FACFCF tuning. The tuning is inspired by Erik Mongrain, and the melody is kind of inspired by Craig D'Andrea.
I tried to put my emotions and feelings into the song, like Craig does.

The reason the song it's called "Hope" is because the song is about "believing" on yourself to get to wherever you want. In my case my dream is to become a professional fingerstyle guitarist, and I believe in myself, and I "Hope" that someday I will achieve my dream. That's why the title is "Hope".

Don't forget to Subscribe to my channel if you like my music!
The more subscribers I get, the more songs I will compose!

Thank you very much!

- Chris

Link to "Hope":

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