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Another TAB you've never seen ...

PostPosted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:11 pm
by Doug_H
I've been tackling Tabledit again lately...tightening up old tab attempts and working on some new ones. This is a 'kind of' arrangement of a Bix Beiderbecke tune called 'Flashes'. I first heard it on Ry Cooder's 'Jazz' album in the late 70's and it blew me away. I suspect he plays it in Open G, as he does much of his slide work in that tuning. But I stayed up all night one night in '82...rewinding and playing a cassette...and worked it up in Open D (the only alternate tuning I knew at the time besides Drop!) It's not a Chet tune, but it is a great tune arranged for fingerstyle and he would have made it sound great, had he done it, with that special touch. I hope you enjoy....

Tabledit file of Bix Beiderbecke's 'Flashes'

Re: Another TAB you've never seen ...

PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 7:44 pm
by cgprnd
Doug, I have to tell you that I'm impressed with your creativity and your tabbing ability! I'm trying to get better with tabbing because I want to express my own ideas but since I never used it learn songs I never became familiar enough
with it to write it. I really like your musical ideas and I'm very impressed that you impressed Jack! I too have sent him a few but I'm almost certain that your tabs will require a lot less work to fix up than