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Postby BlueGuitar » Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:51 pm

I would like to offer a different appraisal of whats going on, and maybe shed a more
justifiable cause or light, to what and how I proceed. I've been extremely fortunate in
what I do with the guitar, but I must say this is not a hobby for me! This is how I earn
my living and I'm trying to keep the heat on and the rain off of my head just like
anybody else. . (So in kind). Things must be done differently with every detail looked
at by people who work for me. Yes, it's very true, the people in the past were not good
council and this resulted in a negative image.  For example,  we are preparing a studio
shoot tomorrow for what may be a 10 minute insert into a PBS TV special which will
be a 60 minute, live concert in March. We will be in the studio tomorrow for 12 hours
for this10 minute insert, (but its what I signed on for). PBS said "we do not see a clone
of Chet here". "We see an original artist in the genre of Chet with a little stage presence
and maybe a little polish with original music to sustain his work and the influence of Chet.'

In no way will I replace or tarnish his great name. The only one who is tarnishing me is
you'all! I've never had the privilege of meeting most of you. I remember talking to Mitch C.
earlier when I was meeting everyone and thanking them for all of their kindnesses which
were extended to me, and which my dear friend, Stan Surman, illuminated on about what 
happen to me. Mitch said that he and his wife were crying over what happen after listening
to my version of "My Heart Will Go On" and were on my side. Now, I see him trashing
me like others.
I signed with Yamaha for one reason which was to promote their great product using any
talent that I might have. Its very, very hard today to get a major endorsement from a company
of this size, and it took a long time and much investigation about me. I must produce a certain
amount of product within a certain time limit which has been imposed by signed contract.             
My demographics are fifty and older for PBS which compels me to spice up my musical
presentation.  Gentlemen, I am merely trying to honor the memory of Chet and be an artist
in my own right.  If I am using face gestures that are similar to Chets, it is unconscious. 
Perhaps it has become a subliminal implants from all of the studying of Chet. I have
confidence, on stage which as you all know, is very hard to do- especially in front of thousands
of people to play to and you can hear your own heart beat while you are playing, At least for
me it is. I'm not the best, but the commercial hook for David Paul is one guy doing everything
that you hear. I would like to know if anyone knows who else is also playing this way, so I
may have something to compare too? I offer this original song as a peace offering to each and
everyone of you knowing you are hearing one artist except for sax solo, as a true audition for
your consideration of David Paul and what I'm doing it is called "Maybe Someday".....tks ...dp

Maybe Someday.mp3
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Postby George Beasley » Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:13 pm

That was a very nice tune. Thanks for posting it.
George Beasley
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Postby MitchC » Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:26 pm


I LIKE your playing. Period. And prior to knowing any past history here I listened / watched with no bias one way or another. Yes, your piece moved me and my wife, absolutely. More for the song itself however. Your performance was stellar as well.

Since you've called me out specifically, I need to respond I suppose.

In my 'bashing' posts, I've indicated in every one, that I LIKE your playing. Like most other's here, it's your delivery, demeanor, promotion strategy, etc that seems to always come into question. The 'out of sync' video, on a cursory listen / viewing, I thought it was great. When others noticed that something was not quite 'kosher' I re-watched and frankly, was really disappointed that you would not indicate the discrepancy. WE (players) are your potential fan base and buying public. So to present a 'dishonest' video, to me, put me off. This kind of thing will affect what we think of your art. It all goes together. Playing, attitude, persona, promotion tactics etc.

I totally understand that this is your life and your living. Congrats and wishes for success in the future with your endeavors.

PS: I did not listen to your mp3 yet. I'm convinced of your playing abilities already.

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Postby rhirvine » Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:50 pm

David Paul, I really like your playing and would travel anywhere in southern California to attend a live concert by you. Guitar player like you and Ray Cummins really, really keep Chet Atkins style alive. Also you have your own originality. Thanks for posting.

Rich Irvine CGPF - Certified Guitar Player Fan
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Postby Joey Bowie » Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:58 pm

Great music David! As always. Just keep those songs coming and keep that style of playing alive.
Joey Alves
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Postby Wes Southerland » Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:22 pm

Just wanted to elaborate on this song a bit. When David was planning his album we were discussing tracks to include and works in progress. I came across this tune and he was not going to include it. It was a totally different track from a tune he included on a earlier release years ago and he didn't know what to do with it or call it. I told him it was a really nice tune and it had to be included on his new album. He did include it and decided since it was a variation of a track earlier titled Maybe Someday it should retain that name and we called it Maybe Someday (Revisited). It is one of my favorites from the album which is all nice. If you would like a copy it is available at www.davidpauldreams.com
Wes Southerland
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