What's your dream guitar collection?

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What's your dream guitar collection?

Postby guitarchuck » Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:47 am

I was just thinking, if I could afford it, what 10 guitars would I like to own? (I'm talking about obtainable guitars, I'm sure there are many of Chet's personal guitars that we all dream about.) Here's my list:
No particular order,

Gretsch G6120-CGP,
Gretsch G6122-1959 Country Gentleman,
Gretsch Super Chet,
Gretsch Super Axe,
Del Vecchio Dimanico,
Gibson Country Gentleman (flame maple, orange),
Gibson Studio CE,
Peaver (You can build one from parts),
Gibson SST,
Taylor Doyle Dykes acoustic (orange),

That's my list of 10, what would yours be?
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