Zoom G3 Effects Pedal Anyone?

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Re: Zoom G3 Effects Pedal Anyone?

Postby bill park » Sat Mar 14, 2015 7:41 pm

I bought one of these Zoom MS70CDR pedals and have been playing with it for about a week now. It is nice, I think I'll become very fond of it. There's a bit of a learning curve, but with some practice it is quite easy to program. It has dozens of choices of different chorus, reverb, and delay effects, a few of which I'll never use but the ones I will use sound great to me. You can program up to 6 effects in a chain, but I've found that a chain of 2 or 3 effects (with a bit of editing) will give me just about any sound I'm looking for. 50 preset storage locations provides more than enough memory for your different customized patterns. Another good thing is that you don't have to ignore a bunch of distortion effects and amp models...because it doesn't have any! So far, so good...if you're in the market for a simple pedal that combines chorus, delay, and reverb effects, I recommend this one. Thanks, Bill
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Re: Zoom G3 Effects Pedal Anyone?

Postby gmoseley » Sun Mar 15, 2015 6:24 pm

Hi Bill,,I'm glad to read your review if the Zoom G3. The way you talked in a previous post, I figured you were probably going to try one of these. I value your opinions because you and I always think a lot alike when it comes to music styles.
If this unit suits you, it will certainly suit me. I'm right in line with your remarks,,,I don't care a thing about the amp modeling or the distortion. The delay, chorus and reverb is all I care about using anyway. I think I'm going to order one and give it a whirl. I bought a used (like new) Rivera Jazz Suprema amp not long ago and that thing will carry the mail. I'll bet this effects unit will really top it off. This amp has the Weber Neo-Mag 15" speaker in it, which was supposed to be Weber's answer to the old JBL F-130. The main thing I don't like about it is the fact that its so clean and quiet, it magnifies all my bad notes! :shock:
Thanks ole buddy!
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