Ibanez AC240

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Ibanez AC240

Postby jdrpicker22 » Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:01 pm

Hey guys a couple weeks ago I bought an Ibanez AC240 the mahogany top open pore guitar from my local guitar center. Ive been putting it thru the works, and I finally have to say for $300 you cant go wrong. Its a 25'' scale and Ive got it setup pretty low, but still clear. Im gonna put a VIcs 4 band eq with the piezo and mic combo. For me this ones a keeper to play my acoustic gigs with. I run my Blueridge with mic and piezo wide open and put the bass at 12:00 and the mids at about 1oclock, presence at 12 and treble at 12 (or sometimes 10 or 11 oclock). run it thru my Ibanez troubador everything at 12 except I cut the higher frequencys with the mid sweep, so it doesnt feed back. Stick my feedback buster in the hole, plug into a behringer digital delay and start playing, it is by far the best acoustic sound ive found, the piezo brings out the light touch and makes the notes crystal clear, but the mic give the acoustic sound the best. Btw ripped the foam off the mic wrapped the back of it in masking tape an glued it directly to the top of the guitar just to the treble side upper corner of the bridge. Try it out and see. Cheers!
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