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Beautiful Standel 25L15 For Sale - Custom Wood Cabinets!!

PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 4:16 pm
by alexjones
Hello Everyone,
I have decided to part with my reissue Standel 25L15 and Acoustic Magnifier. I am not the original owner of these amps. This amplifier set was ordered from Danny McKinney back in the late 90's. The model number of this Standel is S-39. This amp has some pretty spendy upgrades including gorgeous SOLID mahogany cabinets, ALL TUBE reverb (which is heavenly) and an effects loop. The cabinets are very well done - dovetail joints and high gloss finish. This amp is definitely not an everyday gig amp.

For those of you who don't know what an acoustic magnifier is: it's basically another amplifier with just a power amp in. So you send a signal from the preamplifier to the acoustic magnifier and it's power amp amplifies it. So it effectively doubles your wattage and creates a huge spatial sound if you place the cabinets in different areas of the room. It takes some finessing to get the volumes right. To be honest, I haven't played much with it, because the 15" speaker is already huge sounding. But the two pieces belong together.

Speaking of the speaker (haha), the amp does NOT come with original JBL D130's. The earlier reissue models came with Standel built reproductions of the D130 - which use an identical cone weight and pulp formula and the same magnet energies (Danny McKinney told me this). Aesthetically they are not the same. But he stopped making them because they were very expensive to make - so he began sourcing D130's. I have quite a few original coned D130's and 1 reconed D130. They do not sound identical - but they are just like 2 different flavors of vanilla - both very good. The original D130 is brighter and more mid rangey while the Standel speaker is a smoother with a bit more bottom end. It actually sounds just like my reconed D130.

So how does the amp sound? Absolutely beautiful. It's dead quiet - can't even hardly tell it's on. This amp has a 5 knob preamp - volume, treble, bass, contour and reverb. The contour is an absolutely necessary function (for me atleast). It basically controls the mid scoop. 1 is a flatter scoop while 10 is fully scooped. The reverb is really heavenly - it is very plate sounding - although it is actually a long tanked spring reverb.

The only reason I am selling this amp is because I actually build my own 25L15 clones and there is no reason to have both around. I just would rather have something I hand built. I know it's going to take the right kind of buyer for this amp so I am going to be patient on this sale. I have priced the amp set very low at $3500 and I will not go any lower than that. I have a lot more money into this. I still have the original price tag of $3500 for just the main amplifier. I paid about $1500 for the acoustic magnifier - so I'm taking a big loss at $3500. For those of you going to CAAS, if I can line up a serious buyer, I will bring it down to CAAS to demo. Please if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

Re: Beautiful Standel 25L15 For Sale - Custom Wood Cabinets!

PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 4:21 pm
by LMark
Alex, what output tubes are in the amp that you are selling? Thx, LMark

Re: Beautiful Standel 25L15 For Sale - Custom Wood Cabinets!

PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 4:30 pm
by alexjones
Here is some more pics...

Also I forgot to tell you all about the power tubes. These amps do not have the original 807's in them. It has 6550 power tubes. But don't get hung up on this - it really doesn't make any difference that I can notice. The clones that I build have 807 tubes - but to be honest this amp and the clones that I build are quite different. My clones surely don't have reverb and effects loop. So it's not a good comparison. But one of my clone amps will surely be down at CAAS so we can compare the 2 amps if you would like.

Please ask questions if you are interested - I have most likely missed things to talk about. By the way check out Standel's myspace page - the amps on his profile pic are the amps I am selling!