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Postby Chuck » Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:12 pm

I know the subject has been discussed, and I have reviewed I think all threads. I may be in a position to buy a dream guitar/Gretsch this Christmas. I want what Chet was happiest with- or as close as possible. It seems one consensus if I am taking it all in correctly is a top choice would be the 6122-1959...for obvious reasons. But one problem for me, is I want the shorter scale. The TV Jones supertron in the neck- is there any other shorter scale Chet/Gretsch that has that?
The CGP is very tempting, as I am personally "into" trying different playing/recording techniques, and the split would be fun. And the 6120 Maple's are just so aesthetically appealing to my eye, anyway.
But I keep coming back to the 6122-1959. I'm going to try to play as many of these variations as possible, defined by what is available around here, over the next week or so.
But would really like your thoughts, anyone that has time, (knowing this is the busy holiday season). I really feel I need the short scale. I wouldn't mind the wider nut though. Thanks, Chuck
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Re: 6122-1959

Postby Mike Detlefsen » Tue Nov 26, 2013 2:00 pm

I think it might be a mistake to get a 6122-1959 just because Chet was allegedly happiest with it. You should get one because you've tried it and decided you liked it more than the others you've tried.

I have a '66 Gent (bought new) and a 6122-1959 and did, in fact, buy them because "that's what Chet played". I've come to realize that I never play the '66, and don't play the 6122-1959 more than once or twice a year (in fact, if someone were to offer me something even remotely close to what they were worth, they'd be gone). The 17" body just isn't comfortable to me, plus I feel it's a bit too thin. I prefer the greater depth of the 16" body of my 5120 retro-fitted with Filtertron/Supertron pickups (and a shorter scale). The 5120 is my "go to" steel string hollow-body. I can't hear any difference in tone between it and the Gents. I don't sound much like Chet anyway. :)

On the other hand, the compulsion to get a "dream guitar" is powerful, I understand it and I've indulged in it twice (I didn't learn the first time, heh). It's just that after a while I realized they weren't quite right for me.

Mike Detlefsen
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Re: 6122-1959

Postby Steve Sanders » Tue Nov 26, 2013 3:04 pm

I finally got the guitar I'd wanted for many years, a 6122-1959 Country Gentleman from a super nice guy right here on the Chetboard. I had never held one or played one but I knew I had to have one. Not just because it was Chet's main, favorite guitar, but testomonials from Paul Yandell and lots of ChetBoarders and those from other guitar sites. I bought it sight-unseen and have absolutely no regrets. It is just what I had been waiting years for!!! Yeah, it's a big ol' guitar. But just how much is the difference between a long scale and a short scale. I've been playing Gretsch guitars for over 45 years and this CG just aint that much different playing wise to me. Sound wise.....way different and way better!!! Paul really hit the nail on the head along with the folks at Gretsch. I also have a 5125 with DeArmonds and that is a different guitar with a different tone and playability. Not a huge deal to put one down and pick up the other....to me. I believe you would be happy with a 6122-1959. But since you are still trying to make up your mind, you might ought'a "test drive" one to be sure. Go to a good music store and spend some time with the ones you are considering. For a good test you might wanna take your main amp so you can make an objective decision. Course, it might sound different in the store than at your home. Guitar Center is a good place except all those wanna-bee's bangin' away and rockin' out tryin' to get famous right there in the store make it hard to really hear the good stuff. They do have little rooms where you can take your stuff and isolate yourself from most of that. Ideally, if you could borrow one from a friend for a few days and hear it at home and take your time with it that would be great! The ChetBoard is the BEST place for advice, insight, and help for things like this. Take your time and think it through. But if you should get one or the other you can always sell it and get the other one. There's always someone looking for a different guitar seems like. One other thing, it seems like to me that a lot of folks who had a CGP no longer have one. And there are always lots of them on E-Bay. But other folks just love'em!! Who can figger??? Anyway, good luck to ya. Be sure and come back here and let us all know what you decided on and maybe even a picture or two! If I ain't the one gittin' a new guitar, it's always good to hear about sumbudy else gittin' one!!! Steve
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Re: 6122-1959

Postby rhudson » Tue Nov 26, 2013 4:55 pm

I can't imagine a better guitar than the G6122-1959, however, if you absolutely have to have the shorter scale, about your only choice is going to be the G6120-CGP if you stay with the wider neck. You'll be happy with either one. In the words of Ricky Nelson, "You can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself."
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Re: 6122-1959

Postby PhilHunt » Tue Nov 26, 2013 5:40 pm

I have to say that I like the Country Gent wayyyy better than the 6120 CGP. Only because of the wider neck and longer scale it's easier to play the Chet stuff. However, when it comes to playing the older 50's tunes the CGP is THE guitar. Although, one guitar I do like is the '58 Country Gent. I like the thicker body. I am currently saving up for a Gretsch.
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Re: 6122-1959

Postby pattie surman » Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:00 pm

Hey Chuck. Not bragging just lucky. I have all of the new Gretsch Chet models. They are all great and I love them all. You might want to consider my favorite, the 6120-1959 LTV. Lacquer finish, TV Jones Pickups,short scale,zero fret,16 inch body,Ebony Fretboard, and thin frets unlike the CGP. If you ,or any of you guys are in that position and are in my neck of the woods , you are more than welcome and come and play them all until your fingers fall off before you make your decision. Stan.
pattie surman
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Re: 6122-1959

Postby George Beasley » Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:05 pm

I had the 6122-1959 for 5 or 6 years before I got a 6120-CGP. After I got the CGP, I quit playing the 6122-1959....it just didn't play as well. I did prefer the electronics on the 6122-1959. Maybe one day I will see if TV Jones can put filtertrons and supertrons in a dynasonic can, switch out the whole harness, and have the best of both worlds.
George Beasley
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Re: 6122-1959

Postby DagerRande » Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:20 am

I've played the 6122-1959 at Sweetwater and instantly fell in love with it. Normally it takes time to adjust to a guitar that's not my own but this time I was instantly playing certain songs better than I can on my '67 CG that I've had for 40+ years. I've upgraded my '67 CG so that it sounds better but the dimensions of the 6122-1959 are the best for me.
Rande Dager

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Re: 6122-1959

Postby Chuck » Mon Dec 02, 2013 5:33 pm

Thank you very much, Mike, Steve, Richard, Phil, Stan, George and Rande.These are such generous and informed responses, I can't thank everyone enough.

I am going to a couple stores in the next 2 days to try out anything I can find. Also, I've researched on you tube various players playing various models.

Though not a complete sampling in any way, and with lots of other variables (recording, technique, etc.) the tone closest to what I think I find the most desireable to my own personal taste, is in fact the 6122-1959. I think that TV Jones Supertron in the neck is speaking to me.

But as I mentioned I wanted a shorter scale. And just the sheer size of the CG worries me, I'm 5'10". That is something I need to see/feel for myself though.
The CGP is a top runner for sure and suites the scale requirements but there is almost no chance I'll find one to play.Tough choice, no loser either way I'm sure .

The 6120-1959 TV as Stan points out could be a great choice, TV Jones although not the Supertron in the neck. Maybe I couldn't even tell the difference.

So a question (along with thanks for all these responses). Would a solution be to get a 6120 of some ilk, and simply drop a TV Jones Supertron into the neck? Am I oversimplifying this? Chuck
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Re: 6122-1959

Postby Steve Sanders » Mon Dec 02, 2013 6:42 pm

I've figgered a solution to your dilema....get BOTH a 6122-1959 and a CGP!!! Naw, that probably wouldn't work!! I do recommend you get on YouTube and listen and watch very closely a guy named Matt Cowe who plays a 6120 with filtertrons. Besides Richard Hudson and Bob Dennis he gets about as close to the elusive "Chet Sound" as anybody. I had a 6120 double-cut Nashville 1966 model that I sold to acquire my Country Gentleman. Before I sold it I bought a Supertron from TV Jones and installed it in the neck position. Super, super easy to do!! I got rid of that 3-prong pickup connector (don't know if they still use them on the newer models) and just soldered the wires and covered them with heat-shrink tubing. You don't even have to take anything apart except that front pickup and there should be enough wire length to get'er done. The folks at TV Jones are super nice and helpful and I highly recommend them. I'm tellin' you all this in case you decide to go the 6120 route. I don't think you could put a Supertron on a CGP without zapping the whole business and the built-in "magic"! Some unsolicited advice....take your time and enjoy the hunt. It's exciting ain't it? Be sure and come back here and let us all know what you end up with. Thanks, Steve
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