Peavey Studio Chorus 70?

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Peavey Studio Chorus 70?

Postby sammullins » Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:19 pm

A while back, i bought a '91 Gibson Chet Atkins CE. A guy i know from my local music store brought in the Peavey amp i mentioned in the title one day, and told me to take it home & use it until i found one of my own, you know the story. I didn't see him in the store for a couple months, then ran into him at a gas station one day. He asked if the amp sounded good with my guitar, i said "Yes! it sounds great! i guess i need to get it back to you, i've had it for a while now" he then say "Oh no! thats YOURS, you keep it" I couldn't believe it, after asking him about 50 times if he was sure, then thanking him about a 100 times, he shook my hand and left, said he'd see me in the store soon.

So i guess my question is, does anyone have any experience with these amps or know much about them? I know it sounds great with my Gibson and absolutely phenomenal with a Telecaster, so i guess thats all that matter. And for free i definitely can't beat it!
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