WANTED: Mr Kennedy ( Prismatone )

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Re: WANTED: Mr Kennedy ( Prismatone )

Postby srgntschultz » Mon Dec 31, 2012 6:23 pm

I also have a 3 from mel and one is basically my favorite guitar that i own and thats with 2 from kirk, and my favorite mel guitar has the new updated sam /prismatone in it,and its way way better with the preamp mod. It really sounds good. I thought it sounded good before then he updated my harmony with the prismatone in it and after that i had to get them all done. Played into my acoustic image heads and 2 of john buscarino's cabs, the same setup kirk had at caas this past july is the best. I have never heard richard smith sound so good,the acoustic image head and johns cabs are the best for the rmc,barbera and prismatone pickups.
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