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Postby Roger Crews » Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:52 pm

hey guys . been thinking about this for a while now and figured you guys could help .

First of all i cant read a lick of music , but can read some tab .H ave played guitar for nearly 40 yrs now , , dont to do bad , or least everybody dont get up and leave if i pick one . any ways i have always loved to hear good harmony but not very good at it . when i play i have noticed at least for me there are a lot of patterns in the arrangements i play and thru out all music .i play by ear and from haveing played for so long I simply know what to do and just play .
I believe there has to be the same kind of patterns in harmony for example if your playing a certain note or chord , to get the harmony to that note or chord you may need to play 2 or 3 frets farther down the neck on the same strings , if that makes any since at all . if not o well . i do realize that want work perfectly because a f chord position simply changes to a sharp or g or g sharp and so on

if you dont know how to read music and dont know theory , how do you learn proper/correct harmony?

Also there are a video of richard smith playing windy and warm where it sounds like he is playing harmony with himself live what the heck is he doing ?
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