Chet double cds fom the UK

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Chet double cds fom the UK

Postby kjbuk » Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:19 am

The Dutton Vocalion company in the UK have now issued four double album CDs by Chet and the latest one, Superpickers/Picks The Best, not only sees a first time complete CD release of Picks The Best but is also a SACD which, when played through the correct equipment, gives full quadraphonic sound for both albums. My Sony bluray player will do this feeding my 5.1 set up and it is a revelation! Not surround sound as we know it today but truly separated tracks for individual instruments which sounds particularly interesting for Superpickers.

Here you will find a search page for all the catalogue numbers for From Nashville With Love/Solo Flights, Solid Gold '68 and Solid Gold '69 (Solid Gold '70 in the UK), Yestergroovin'/Lover's Guitar and Superpickers/Picks The Best.

One note about the Yestergroovin' issue is that Charlie McCoy's short harmonica intro on the title track has been missed off at the mastering stage. I was able to lift that from my vinyl issue and patch it in to make a complete CD.

I'm pleased that a UK company is regularly issuing Chet's back catalogue and I've recommended to them a few more possible doubles of albums yet to see the light of day on CD.

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Re: Chet double cds fom the UK

Postby Hendrik » Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:50 am

That's great, thanks for sharing Keith. And welcome to the board!
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