Tommy E & David Grisman - cool

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Tommy E & David Grisman - cool

Postby Pickin Palmer » Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:20 pm

Sorry, gang - I seem to have caught "posting" dezease!!! I'm sure most of you are on Tommy E's mailing list, so you've already seen this... But, my only "complaint" with a mando/guitar duo - is that when it's the mando's turn to provide rhythm for the guitar - it (the rhythm "presence" - not timing) seems to get pale. Well, NOT WITH THIS GRISMAN GUY. If you haven't already done this - give them a listen.... ... vid1061225

Now, I "really-really", can't wait for Tommy to play here in Columbus, Ohio on Nov 10th - coming right up....

Pickin Palmer
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Re: Tommy E & David Grisman - cool

Postby DagerRande » Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:30 pm

Palmer, he will be in Ann Arbor 2 nights before that. I don't know how I did it but a few months ago I was notified by his office that I won 2 free special tickets along with backstage passes. It almost didn't seem fair because I see him every Summer and he has fans who probably never have!
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