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Reedology: The First 10 Albums-Selected Licks From 1967-1971

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:01 pm
by craigdobbins

Wanted to let you know about my new project, Reedology: The First 10 Albums - Selected Licks From 1967-1971.

Licks from Jerry Reed's first 10 RCA albums in notation and tab, with performance tips, background notes on each album, and recordings of all the examples. Also includes section on Jerry's guitars and gear, the first 10 album covers, and the essay The Guitar Thinker: Musical milestones in the career of Jerry Reed.

• "Craig, I'm flattered that you consider my compositions worthy enough to go in your publications. I'm really grateful for that, and if you don't get this quote right, I'm gonna break both your thumbs!" - JERRY REED