The Dear ol' Chetboard

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The Dear ol' Chetboard

Postby Steve Sanders » Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:55 pm

Hey, it looks like the dear ol' ChetBoard is back to it's good-ol'-self once again!! This is good, VERY good! I would like to quote Gomer Pyle to the curator/administrator/keeper/owner of the ChetBoard in saying "THANK YA, THANK YA, THANK YA, SHAZAM!!! Sumbudy let a stinkie but we have cracked a window and opened a door and hopefully it has all gone away! Lots of folks, Chet fans, love this site and I'm one uvum!! I'm gonna write to Sannie Klaws and put in a good word for ya and maybe he'll brang ya a new and/or vintage Gretsch guitar of your likin'! Thanks a million, Steve
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Steve Sanders
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Re: The Dear OL' Chetboard

Postby GaryL » Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:45 pm

I agree with you Steve, although I may have said it a little differently. It's a great place to be celebrating Chet.
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