My Brother Sings LP reproduction

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My Brother Sings LP reproduction

Postby PhilHunt » Fri May 08, 2015 7:08 am

I just received my copy of the new "My Brother Sings" LP. I got mine for $24 plus free shipping off ebay. This is one spectacular LP. Although I wished they would have used the original catalog number for the LP. Does anyone know how this project came about and who was behind it? My first thought was.....whoever bought those two LP's off ebay for thousands of dollars off ebay must be cringing now. I think I will buy a second copy so that I can listen to it and keep my current one sealed. I really wish Bear Family would continue to finish Chet's RCA catalog of music. It seems though that cd's are becoming a thing of the past. Some retailers are slimming down their cd stock music.
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Re: My Brother Sings LP reproduction

Postby Norm » Sat May 09, 2015 8:46 am

PhilHunt wrote:Some retailers are slimming down their cd stock music.

Can't blame them. When you go to a retailer, any retailer, the merchandise you see is either already paid for or will be coming due for payment by the store. When you go to buy a CD or browse a category no matter what you purchase you will, of course, leave most of the hundreds of items they offer on the shelf.

Add the overhead the owner lays out just on a daily basis and it mounts up.

And their sales are increasingly cut due to online purchases.

Substitute 'guitars' for 'CD' and you see the same problem. It is expensive to keep stock that won't sell reasonably fast on hand
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That should do it.
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