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PHC - "Duets" CD features 2 Chet songs

PostPosted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 5:11 am
by smokymtguitar09
If you are one of the Chet Atkins fans who collects any and everything connected with the great man, then you might be interested in Prairie Home Companion's discount CD offer today (15% off). There is one called "Duets" that features duet recordings on that well known radio show on which Chet appeared many times. There are two songs on the CD that features the duet of Chet and brother-in-law Jethro Burns playing "Autumn Leaves" and another featuring Chet and Johnny Gimble "Fiddlin' Around". There are others on the CD that are most likely collectible as well The Everly Brothers and "Blues Stay Away From Me", "T-For Texas (Blue Yodel No.1)". An added bonus is Garrison Keillor and Emmy Lou Harris singing with Chet and Mark Knopfler on "The Next Time I'm In Town". ... ign=CDSale